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Valentine's Day in the Regency Era

Welcome to the Cotillion Authors Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt!
February 14-17, 2014
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Cotillion is the traditional Regency imprint of the Blush line from Ellora’s Cave. The books' settings range from London ballrooms to country estates, and the heroines may be wealthy or impoverished. Heroes may be titled or untitled, but even if they are rakes, no one goes beyond kissing in these books.

The theme for this tour is Love in the Regency Era. Hop around, comment on the posts, look for answers to the authors’ scavenger hunt questions. There will be 10 lucky prize winners (see contest details below)…although you’re already a winner if you find a new story or author you're going to love. And now...

Book One of the Wishing for Love series
           Chocolate. Lots and lots of dark, rich chocolate. Oh, wait. We aren’t talking about what I want for Valentine’s Day. We’re talking about what it might have been like in the Regency era. Sorry about that.
Do you suppose Valentine’s Day was as tricky then as it is today? The guys having to get it just right or risk disappointing or even angering their loved one? Or the young ladies having to pretend the execrable missive received from their ardent swain was the epitome of wondrous verse? Sound familiar?
Yes, they did send Valentines in those days. Not cards, of course, but letters and poems and occasionally little gifts. And just like today, woe betide the gentleman whose missive failed to live up to his lady’s expectations. Composing the perfect verse or sentiment is never easy. It’s no wonder booklets were published back then, containing ready-written selections for the literarily challenged.
February 14 would have been very early in the London Season, while many of the haut ton still remained in the country. Sending Valentine’s Day notes could have provided an excellent excuse for a gentleman to renew his pursuit of a lady whose family had removed to the country and was thus temporarily beyond his reach. The mail, it is said, was very, very busy for this occasion.
I wonder how these young gentlemen felt when posting their offering to their beloved. Did the terrors of possible ridicule or rejection hang over their heads? Did they fear the young ladies would giggle over these missives with their friends, possibly quote them back in tones of contempt? 
True love quite often needs a little help.In my Wishing for Love series, a mischievous fairy godmother and her feline assistant dabble in matchmaking—with unpredictable results.
My scavenger hunt question:  How would most Valentine's Day missives have been delivered? 
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