Friday, February 7, 2014

My Olympic Dream

Hmm. Watch the 2014 Winter Olympic Games or work? The games...or work? Tough decision. I love the Olympics, but I have deadlines, those nasty things that creep up and pounce on me when I'm not looking. So, do I indulge myself or behave? I keep catching my hand reaching, as of its own volition, for the remote control. Bad hand. Bad. No chocolate for you. Now there's an idea. I can either watch the games and chew on veggies and hummus or get back to work and eat chocolate chips. Also tough. I actually like veggies and hummus. But chocolate... Nothing compares with chocolate. So, with apologies to the athletes, I'll get back to the current book. When the next commercial starts. Besides, as Douglas Adams once said, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

As a writer and editor I have lots of deadlines--and lots of chances to hear those lovely whooshing sounds. But the Olympics only come once every two years. And since we only have broadcast TV--no cable or satellite--there is far too little coverage, and most of it at times I can't watch. Usually I only get to see broadcasters talking for the intros and wrap-ups. And awards ceremonies. I've seen lots of those. For a change, I’d love to see the events that led up to them.

So I guess that's my Olympic dream. To actually get to see the athletes doing what they've trained so hard to do. 

And speaking of training so hard to do something (how's that for a clumsy segue? And I didn't even try to tie in the Olympic flame with my Haunting Flame. Do I get points for restraint?), don't you need something to read when the games aren't on?
Haunting Flame, e-book or paperback

When Captain Anthony, Lord Lambeth, returns from the Peninsular War, he is crippled in both body and spirit. He has just inherited an estate in desperate need of repairs and no money to make them. He can’t stomach making the marriage of convenience his family urges on him, avoiding it by vowing to fulfill a promise to his dying friend to look after his impoverished little sister—by marrying her.
The lively Calpurnia Rycroft has worshipped Tony since they were children, and is appalled by his depression. She agrees to an engagement to give him time to recover—though it will break her heart when he eventually marries someone more suitable. 

The ring he gives her turns icy on her hand and a ghostly flame emerges from it. Callie realizes the ghost wants something from her, but is it revenge or help? The search is on to find the answers, but as Tony's spirits improve, Callie sees her chance of love slipping away.

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